Meet Dr. Thomas J. Kleeman

Dr. Thomas Kleeman is a board-certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon known internationally for his pioneering work on laparoscopic spine surgery.

He has devoted his career to the innovation and advancement of minimally invasive spine surgery and drug-free treatments.

Surgeon, Author

In Dr. Thomas Kleeman's new book, he shares his RELEASE Method. Seven simple tools, based on scientific research, that have helped thousands of his patients prevent and treat back pain as well as add years of health and happiness to their lives.

This book represents 30 years of research and experience in treating one of the greatest health problems our country has ever faced. Dr. Kleeman guides you through the confusing, often intimidating world of back pain diagnosis and treatments.

In this newest book you will learn:

How back pain can be treated successfully without using opioids.
How pain develops and why it is so difficult to treat.
Where and when surgery fits into the treatment options for back pain.
7 drug-free techniques to successfully treat back pain.


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