Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion

Watch Dr. Kleeman perform this surgical procedure which gives a clear picture of DLIF surgery. Click Here To Watch Video

This procedure is used to perform a fusion for disc degeneration or slipping (spondylolisthesis) of the disc in the middle and upper lumbar spine. While the approach has been used for quite some time through a large flank incision, recent advances in technology have allowed it to be performed through a small 1" incision.

Illuminated retractor for DLIFIllustration of DLIF technique

This can only be accomplished safely through the use of a special probe containing a nerve monitor that allows a safer access through the small incision. Once the appropriate disc has been indentified, a special viewing port is placed allowing the disc to be removed and implant inserted.

Nerve monitoring and navigation probeDLIF with navigation

Radiographic navigation allows the operation to be performed with more precision.

Navigation screen during DLIF